A lot of care is spent on updating and keeping the data accurate on Scalemodelproducts.com. However, things can go wrong due to technical faults, incorrect information and other causes. Use of Scalemodelproducts.com is therefore at your own risk.

Scalemodelproducts.com provides a service to the users of the internet by selling products or referring to other similar websites for general hobby purposes. The visitors of this site have the choice to go to these sites and possibly make purchases. The user is responsible for checking whether the information obtained is (still) correct and (still) valid. Scalemodelproducts.com can therefore never be held responsible for consequential damage of this referral.

Scalemodelproducts.com is in no way responsible for the content, comparison and interpretations of the content, comparisons and results of the websites used by Scalemodelproducts.com and / or can be visited via hyperlinks via Scalemodelproducts.com.

Prices, (product) specifications and other information may be displayed incorrectly or carelessly, as a result of which misunderstandings may arise among the visitors. Scalemodelproducts.com is in no way liable for any damage to the user – in any way during or after consulting the website of Scalemodelproducts.com and related websites.

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